At Airline Videos, we’re immensely grateful for every penny given to us through memberships, tips, or the purchase of merchandise. We work hard to provide valuable entertainment for all, and we see the funds sent our way as a reflection of the value that you, our viewers, receive. As the channel grows, we’ll be able to add more content, including trips to livestream at major airports around the world. 

Here’s a breakdown of the ways you can support our work:

Become a member on YouTube 

We encourage every viewer of our content to become members of our channel on YouTube. Doing so is the best way to show financial support for the work we do. We have several different membership levels available.

Silver - $1.99/mo.
Gold - $4.99/mo.
Platinum - $9.99/mo.
Diamond - $24.99/mo.

With consistent memberships, we’re able to better plan the channel’s future, including upgrades to our gear and content, as well as make plans to travel to other major airports around the world. If you’d like to join us, we encourage you to select the level that reflects the value you feel you receive from our efforts. 

We like to offer special thanks to our higher-tier members. For our Diamonds, we include a shout-out in every livestream. Our Diamond and Platinum members are also eligible for a 20% discount on Airline Videos merch. You can find the discount code under the Community tab in the YouTube page. 

We also celebrate our members with the Diamond of the Month and the Platinum of the Month. Once per month, we include members in each tier in their own random drawing. The Diamond of the Month winner will receive a one-time store credit of $50. The Platinum of the Month will receive a one-time store credit of $25. In both cases, tax and shipping will be paid by Airline Videos. To be eligible, simply sign up as a Diamond or Platinum member by the last day of the month before the drawing. For example: to be eligible for October’s drawing, you must be a Diamond or Platinum member on September 30.  

One note for iOS users (iPhone/iPad): Joining from an iOS device normally isn’t possible. There are two ways to work around this. One is to visit the Airline Videos YouTube page on a laptop or desktop computer. The other is to visit the page in Chrome on your device. Then, tap the three dots in the lower-right. Scroll down and select ‘Request Desktop Site’.


Send Super Chats or Super Stickers in YouTube

On most computers and devices, you should see a dollar sign under or near the chat. From there, you can select an amount to send and a message to go with it. You’ll then be taken to a page to finalize your transaction with the payment method of your choice. Kevin receives an alert of each donation and makes every effort to ensure your tip is highlighted in the stream. 

Note: This is in no way meant to dissuade people from sending Super Chats or Super Stickers, but in the interest of transparency, it’s good for our viewers to know that YouTube takes about 30% of each contribution. On top of that, it’s our understanding that Super Chats and Super Stickers sent from an iOS device (iPhone/iPad) are subject to an additional 30% taken by Apple.

Send Stars on Facebook

To get started, simply tap on the star picture in the chat window. Unlike Super Stickers or Super Chats on YouTube, you can purchase stars in bulk and distribute them to content creators as you see fit. Stars get cheaper the more you buy. Airline Videos receives 1 cent for every star given.


Tips can be sent via PayPal 

Please note: tips to Airline Videos are not tax-deductible.

Purchase merchandise  

Every sale from the Airline Videos store helps us further our goals for the channel. Our clothing items are super-comfortable and are perfect for a spotting trip to the airport or a flying jaunt across the world.

You can visit the store here:

Like, subscribe, and share  

Of course, like every social media channel, we benefit from as many likes and subscriptions as we can muster. Look for that thumbs-up in the YouTube videos, and please subscribe to our channel. Even better, click the bell next to the Subscription button to be notified of our new videos and live broadcasts. On Facebook, you can click that like button and follow us! 

Even more importantly, we can grow by word of mouth. The best thing you can do is to tell your friends and family about our channel. 

Once again, thank you for your support!